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Don’t Lose Heart

Your heart’s been asking to find An explanation of some kind Or a whisper of direction That will help make you more certain That the time you spend moving Adds to gain in some direction For to meet some destination To add up to more than treading water Of counted minutes and tallied miles Accumulated […]

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Christians judging Christians…

I find it funny (or, not so funny) how easily we Christians can judge one another.  It’s true (and good) that we hold high standards for ourselves, but when our standards differ from those of other Christians around us, it suddenly becomes easy for us to judge them. I have met some Christians who were […]

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Thank you all for your amazing patience, as I have worked to finalize this production.  I am pleased to announce that The Power Of Self-Worth is now available for pre-order! Just follow these simple steps: Click HERE. Click pre-order! Your help will help me propel this forward, and give the book a powerful start. Thank you SO […]

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