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FREE CHRISTIAN EBOOK Get yours HERE. In this true story, C J Kruse gives a brief testimony of a powerful event in his life. After a long, dark season, he invites God in. See what God can do with a life that feels broken. Hope is the catalyst that we all need, and which we […]

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We all want to know how to be happy, but happiness is about as elusive as it is desired.  Many of us, in our attempts to find it, are running into road blocks and feeling frustrated by the challenge.  In this short book about happiness, you will read about 10 ways to be happy.  Although, […]

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A Solution To Improve Any Marital Fight/Argument…

Here is a creative (and fun) idea that I recommend.  Couples should take a small box or container, and place loving letters into it.  Those letters will be saved then for potentially bad situations.  We can call this:  A Disaster-Prep Package.   (This is from Chapter 2 of my book, “Practice Makes Harmony”, a book for […]

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